Radical Collaboration for #fuse15

Partnerships and collaboration are essential to improving our world. Working together is so important even for enhancing just a small part of our world – a particular community.

For Fuse15, the Mount Vernon Institute for Innovation is thrilled to be partnering with the Georgia Center for Nonprofits (GCN). In a recent article, Partnerships Work, GCN Executive Director Karen Beavor wrote,

Partnership is central to nonprofit endeavor. At the core of our work is a partnership with a community of citizens—otherwise known as volunteers, donors, board members, communities of faith, neighborhood associations, and our own beneficiaries. Layered around this core partnership are intricate webs of collaboration with other organizations, institutions, government entities, and businesses, forming multiple overlapping and interconnected consortia of socially-minded players.

In Beavor’s article, she explained a bit about the Building Community Network – a group of 120 CEOs who are engaging in “new approaches to collaboration, like design thinking, that solve tough organizational and community challenges.”

Participants at Fuse15 will choose to work closely with one of four collaborations happening among nine of these 120 organizations in the Building Community Network.

Urban League of Atlanta is partnering with Mary Hall Freedom House. Together they seek to meet people where they are, in order to help them discover a career pathway for leading to membership in a greater community.

Truly Living Well is entering a collaborative effort with Martin Luther King Senior Center and the Frazer Center in order to move people into jobs using urban agriculture.

Atlanta Ballet identified Camp Twin Lakes as its collaborative partner. They imagine exciting intersections for dance and children with serious illnesses and disabilities.

The Future Foundation and Communities in School of Atlanta are combining forces to multiply their missions for empowering youth to stay in school, dream big dreams, prepare for positive futures, and achieve greatly in life.

Which collaboration would you love to join?!

In Tim Brown’s book Change by Design, he wrote about moving beyond the individual.

Instead we need to invent a new and radical form of collaboration that blurs the boundaries between creators and consumers. It’s not about ‘us versus them’ or even ‘us on behalf of them.’ For the design thinker, it has to be ‘us with them.

Fuse15 promises to leverage such radical collaboration as four teams of design-thinking participants work with the four collaborative groups from GCN’s Building Community Network. Imagine the possibilities!


Post authored by Meghan Cureton and Bo Adams